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NEW – Seasoned Pioneers Cajun Spice Blend 34g

NEW – Seasoned Pioneers Cajun Spice Blend 34g


Organic Cajun Spice Blend is an audacious, brash and daring mix of bold flavours, balanced with sweet, herbal notes. Expect slow-burning heat from organic cayenne and organic red chillies, accompanied with punchy flavours of organic cardamom, organic cumin, organic garlic and organic fennel.

The organic spice mix is known as the epitome of Louisianan cuisine! Use this organic spice mix to create ‘soul food’ classics like gumbos and jambalayas and use alongside file powder. South American cuisine famously utilises crayfish, sweet potatoes and fresh fish. This Organic Cajun Spice Blend thrives when used as a spice rub for these ingredients and more!

This spice mix is a kitchen staple that will transform your sticky chicken wings and fries. Try rubbing into meat or vegetable patties when making burgers. We recommend adding to eggs or mixing with cream cheese and butter to make a pasta sauce. You can even scatter over popcorn!

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