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Caws Cenarth Thelma’s Caerffili

Caws Cenarth Thelma’s Caerffili

£20.50 per kg

Named after the founder of Caws Cenarth, Thelma Adams who began producing this cheese in the 1980’s from a much older family recipe. It is a crumbly cow’s milk cheese with a mild, fresh and creamy with a lemony flavour and a hint of underlying sea salt. Its natural mould rind is mottled grey-white in colour and itself has an earthy, mineral flavour. Caerffili is a young fresh cheese and is best enjoyed young and fresh to appreciate the creamy, lemony flavours.

A classic Regional cheese to place on the cheese board. A versatile cheese for both commercial and family kitchen recipes. Makes a superb soufflé.


Is made from pasteurised milk and is suitable for vegetarians.

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