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Large Mixed Veg & Fruit Box

Large Mixed Veg & Fruit Box


List of items:

Commencing November 30th Nov – 4th Dec list: Please be aware that some items may be swapped depending on availability of products.


Potatoes: 1.5kg
Carrots: 650g
Onions: 350g
Sprout Tops: 1
Beetroot: 450g
Mini Plum Tomatoes: 250g
Red Pepper: 1
Swede: 800g
Tenderstem Broccoli: 150g
Cucumber: 1
Chard: 250g
Cauliflower: 1


Ida Red Apples: 6
Conference Pears: 3
Bananas: 1.2kg
Lemon: 1
Oranges: 4
Grapes: 350g
Grapefruit: 1
Clementines: 10
Kiwi: 3

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